Golf Performance Improving Tips: How To Pick The Right Shaft For Your Driver

Shafts are thought to be a golf club’s “powerful engine.” They improve golf performance by orienting the ball in the proper direction based on the swing patterns of the players. Many golfers, on the other hand, overlook the importance of selecting the proper shaft.

In fact, to address the question of how to pick the right shaft for your driver, consulting professional supervisors is a must. Unfortunately, not all golfers can afford it. This article is written to assist you in solving this problem. Read on to discover the best golf driver shafts for you.

What are the types of golf shafts?

Before learning how to choose a golf shaft, let’s have a look at the main types of shafts. There are two types including steel and graphite.

How to pick the right shaft for your driver

Steel shafts

Steel shafts are preferred over graphite shafts because they are significantly heavier, more sturdy, and often less expensive. They provide you with more control and put a greater emphasis on precision over distance. As a result, they are the best golf iron shafts golfers who have usual swing speeds with more flexibility over the clubhead when playing.

Graphite shafts

In comparison to steel shafts, graphite shafts are less durable and more expensive. They are approximately half the weight of steel shafts, allowing for higher swing speed with only a little effort. But, golfers have less control when using this type of shaft due to the flex created during the swing. They’re the best iron shafts for senior and female golfers who find it difficult to generate enough power for a good golf swing.

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How to pick the right shaft for your driver?

Shaft flex

The capacity of a golf shaft to bend during a swing, which affects distance and control, is known as flex. It has a big influence on your shot’s accuracy, direction, and range. Stiff shafts, for example, result in a low shot, low peak height, and poor spin. Meanwhile, shafts that are excessively weak produce a high flying ball, large dispersion tendencies, and greater spin.

How to pick the right shaft for your driver

It is a common misconception that the overall speed of the golf swing is the only factor that determines the appropriate shaft. Other elements come into play as well, such as the amount of load and power you have in your swing. You should select the flex that corresponds to the sort of swing you perform. If you’re a beginner with a normal golf swing, choose flex that offers greater flexibility. A stiff shaft with less flexibility may be appropriate for skilled players with powerful swings.

Shaft weight

Another important factor to think about is the weight of your shaft. A shaft’s weight typically ranges from 40 to 85 grams. The more lightweight a shaft is, the faster it swings. Playing golf with extremely light shafts, on the other hand, can result in off-center strokes. Similarly, excessively heavy shafts result in lower ball flights and less spin. To maintain control, optimize distance, and boost club speed, remember to determine the correct weight for your swing.

The length of shaft

The length of your golf shaft has a substantial impact on your driving performance. A longer shaft, roughly 45 inches in length, leads to faster swings but inconsistency in the striking. Whereas, a shorter shaft will result in a more regular stroke pattern.

How to pick the right shaft for your driver

Other factors to consider when selecting a driver shaft also include body shape, arm length, swing speed, consistency, ball flight, and personal preferences. You can find a comfortable and effective length for yourself through trial and error.

Kick point of a shaft

It is the position at which the golf shaft bends and directs the ball flight. A shaft that has a high bend point usually has a low trajectory and vice versa. Keep in mind that shaft length and tipping have an impact on the desired bend point.

Shaft torque

It will twist more easily if the torque measurement is high. It also impacts how each player feels about the shaft, with the higher the torque, the softer the shaft feels. thus the lower the torque, the steeper the trajectory.

Wrap up

There is no right or wrong rule when it comes to the question of how to pick the right shaft for your driver. Go for the shaft that is in accordance with your swing speed, body size, and golf level. Selecting the best shafts for irons can take your golf game to a whole new level. 

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