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Do You Know These Golf Essentials For Beginners?

Do you have any intention of taking up golf? Are you new to this so-called “elite” sport? If you answered yes, you may be intimidated by golf regulations and etiquette. Many newcomers face one simple question: “What do I need to begin playing golf?” This post will provide you with a list of golf essentials for beginners to help you start involving in this fantastic sport. We hope you find it useful!

What is golf sport? 

Golf is a sport using clubs and balls, and golfers aim to hit the ball into a series of holes on a course in the fewest number of shots. Golf is a very popular activity that people of all ages enjoy. It is frequently played for competition, but it can also be played for fun and pleasure.

A golf course is a playing ground where golf is played. The course is not a standard or fixed size, unlike many sports, as the length and design of courses may differ. Normally, there are 18 holes in a course, however, golfers can play a 9-hole course twice to complete an 18-hole round.

As soon as the golfers are ready to play, they stand on the practice green and aim their ball toward the putting green, which contains the flagstick and hole. Most holes are visible from the teeing green; however, there are some left- or right-angled holes that are undetectable from the teeing green. The course may also include artificial hazards, like sand dunes or lakes, to make it more challenging.

In case you hit a ball into a danger zone, you can either try to make your next swing from the danger zone or hit another ball in a region across from it. 

5 Golf essentials for beginners

Hundreds of various brands and types of golf equipment are available in stores and online. Golf newbies may be overwhelmed with information on which equipment is needed to play the game. Based on our golf experience, we recommend that you purchase the following 5 essential golf items to improve your game.

Choose your right golf club

A set of clubs is the most obvious requirement, as a game of golf without clubs is simply referred to as a walk. But, as a beginner, what golf club should you bring with you to the course?

Golf clubs may be quite costly, and there are more than 40 different kinds to pick from. The maximum number of clubs that golfers can bring to the course is 14, so the cost of your equipment might quickly add up. However, you do not need to purchase that much. To play a successful golf course, just stick to the 7 basics.

  • Driver: A driver is the most powerful club, and it is used by professionals to pound the ball far. It is made of wood and identified by the number 1 printed on the bottom of the clubhead. A driver is ideal for long holes with four or five par. For long holes with four or five pars, a driver is perfect. Choose a drive that you are comfortable and familiar with when selecting your right drive. 
  • 3 Wood: The 3-wood in your bag will offer a bit more versatility and flexibility in the course. It achieves less distance than the driver but has more loft. It is recommended to use by beginners to drive the ball further down the hole towards the putting green. 
  • 3 Iron or hybrid: The 3 iron is one of the golf essentials for beginners, which is used to hit distances between 180 and 210 yards. It offers newbies impressive distance and loft, but it is difficult to learn how to use. 
  • 5 iron or hybrid/ 7 iron or hybrid: Another golf essential for beginners is 5 iron or 7 iron. Whether you opt for the 5 or 7 iron, you can benefit from both of them. The 5 and 7 irons, sometimes known as middle irons, have a broad clubface that helps get the ball off the fairway and on the putting green. They have a modest loft, so the ball doesn’t go over the trees.
  • 1 sand wedge: Beginners can get started with simply a sand wedge. It’s used to smash the ball high up and onto the green, which makes it great for getting out of sand traps or deep rough.
  • Putter: Because a putter is required to get the ball into the hole, you must use it frequently throughout the game. When you’re on the green, only use a putter and put forth enough effort to guide the ball precisely. There is no right or wrong rule to choose a putter for beginners, so it is up to you to find a putter for yourselves. 

Remember to bring a golf bag

When you have chosen a set of golf clubs, a golf bag is needed to arrange and keep them. 

Thanks to advanced golf technology, we have a variety of choices when it comes to golf bags. However, for golf newbies, we would recommend 2 types of golf bags to consider. 

  • Carry bag: If you prefer walking on the golf course, carry bags is a nice option. They are lightweight and with legs that allow you to stand the bag up when you come to a halt to hit the shot. When purchasing a carry bag, remember to inspect the traps. Make sure they’re comfortable and that they fit your body well.
  • Cart bag: Cart bags are designed for persons who ride in a cart. Cart bags are made to be carried on a trolley, as the name suggests. They provide more storage space for golf balls, tees, and other accessories. A cart bag is a safer option if you’re not sure whether you’ll walk or use a cart on the golf course. 

Don’t forget golf balls and tees

As an amateur player, you’ll very likely go through a lot of golf balls. So, there is no need to invest much money in it. Early in your game’s development, you should focus on obtaining an inexpensive and playable ball that will meet your needs.

Regarding golf tees, there are many various types of golf tees, therefore it is important to know your exact tee height. Plus size golf tees sometimes are not favorable to play golf, so choose one that fits your height and boosts your self-esteem. Plastic tees are highly recommended due to their durability. 

Put on appropriate golf apparel

Playing golf requires a strict dress code that you should be aware of. Most golf courses (public and private) have dress requirements that you must follow in order to play. In some cases, jeans and T-shirts are not acceptable. 

For men, golf attire consists of a long or short sleeve polo shirt, long golf pants, a jacket, or shorts. Women can wear either long pants or short skirts when playing golf. Apart from that, a cap or a jacket is acceptable. T-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies should be avoided. 

Don’t be frustrated with these golf attire guidelines. It is assumed that smaller local courses permit you to dress more freely, while large well-known courses will have stricter rules for attire.

Golf shoes are also important

Golf shoes play an important role in playing golf, as they mitigate the chance of slipping over the place when the grass is wet and making a consistent golf swing.

The first criterion when choosing a pair of golf shoes is comfort. You have to walk a long distance from the cart path to your ball, or a long round to hit shots from the bunker and rough. You need a good pair of shoes to reduce the pain on your feet and keep them dry in rainy weather. 

Final thought

Golf is a complicated sport that requires a  lot of accessories and equipment. However, as a beginner, you just need to stick to the five essential golfs above to have a good performance on the green. 

Apart from the checklist we suggest, you can carry other essential golfs for beginners when playing like sunscreen, an umbrella, gloves, towels, and bottles of water. Playing golf is good for both your physical and mental health, so get ready for your first round of golf with your ideal set of equipment.

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