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Lyle Slovick

Instructor, Level I Affiliate Member

United States Golf Teachers Federation

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  • Golf is a game that should be fun to play.  It may never be easy, but it shouldn't become drudgery.   When we play the game, Mark Twain’s admonition that “Golf spelled backwards is ‘flog!’” should not come to mind.  

  • It is a difficult game, no doubt, but one that also offers a lot of enjoyment amidst the challenges it can send our way.  I am here to tell you it can be fun for you -- because you CAN play it well. 

  • My teaching philosophy is simple.  Good golf comes from solid fundamentals.  They are the foundation for good golf, and without them you will never succeed, but just be wasting your time.  If you practice the proper movements of the swing you WILL improve, and this is our objective.  Now, let’s enjoy playing golf! 


1-hour lesson: $40 

 Series of 4:  $140


Contact Me To Play Better Golf                                                

Get Your Clubs Re-Gripped: $1.50 per club (not including new grip) 

Club Fitting/Playability Consultation:  $10.00  (I am Certified by Golf Works, a subsidiary of Golf Galaxy)

Club assembly:  $5.00 per club plus cost of components


Home of Golf - 18th hole, The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland